Why Did we Choose 64 Audio?

64 Audio are innovators, and happily jumped at the chance to work with us to push the industry further by

championing our 3D impressions.

Every shell is made to fit perfectly using their 3DFit technology, ensuring that the fine details of your ear that we capture in your impression are reproduced perfectly

in your shell for a perfect seal!

Their IEMs are packed with 4 patented technologies designed to give you an uncompromising, accurate, and unforgettable listening experience, whether you are on stage, in the studio, editing content, or just enjoying your music. One thing is for sure, with 64 Audio written on the faceplate, it is a real sign of quality.

Technology highlights

that we love...


A groundbreaking technology that uses a secondary eardrum to help absorb and equalize the pneumatic pressure in your eardrum to allow your eardrum to focus on listening!

The result is a richer sound, deeper bass, richer mids, more detailed highs and much wider soundstage and reduces listening fatigue when listening over a long period.


TIA is a patented technology which removes the need for tubes within the In Ear Monitor to deliver sound directly to your ear for a bigger, more natural listening experience, putting you in the heart of the sound!


Our favourite 64 Audio iems right now: