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More than just selling

In Ear Monitors...

'This company is defined by a passion for people, the environment, and helping people unlock a new kind of musical experience that they may have thought was closed off to them.

DCA was founded to push the music industry forward, make In Ear Monitoring accessible, and to ultimately help people protect their hearing for years to come.

I want to use my experiences to help educate the next wave of music professionals.'


Miles Dakin



Advice Given by Musicians.

For Musicians.

At DCA, we've spent the last 10 years as professional musicians, playing in as many settings as possible. From Weddings and Parties to performing as session musicians for artists at festivals and on tours, down to creating content in home studios, we've put in the hours.

Crucially, we are still performing professional musicians. That won't change.

This fact brings us a unique perspective that sets us apart from other IEM companies, meaning we understand where you are coming from, whatever stage of your journey you are at.

We want to work with you to find what works for you, where you play, how you play. 

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