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Exclusive Demos.

hear Differently.

How do you know which IEMs will suit you best?

A set of In Ears will be a companion on stage, in the studio, at rehearsals and when you listen to our favourite music, so its a decision worth getting right.

Customised. Personal. Bespoke. Your taste.

At DCA believe there is no substitute for trying before you buy to hear and feel the difference.

There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to how you experience IEMs. We designed our Demo services to help guide you and give you confidence that you have a set of In Ears that are right for you.

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The First demo Services Designed

specifically for musicians.

As musicians, we don't just listen to music. On stage and in the studio we listen to specific mixes tailored to us. Demoing In Ear Monitors should reflect that. Listening to Mastered studio recordings doesn't give a true reflection of how In Ears will sound live.

We want to emulate how you will use your In Ear Monitors so you can fully experience how they will sound and react to different sources.

You will have the chance to listen to live multitrack Stems from a variety of settings and we will help you dial in a mix on our digital mixing desk that will reflect how you will experience a stage mix.

Not just listening 

to music you like...


One - to - One Demo

& 3D Impression Session

Thinking about getting a set of Custom IEMs?


Then let us help you find the right ones for you.

As part of our Individual Demo sessions, you will get a chance compare our bespoke Demo units at your own pace in your own environment, listening to the music that you like and experiencing what using In Ears live might sound or look for you!

During your session we will also take your 3D impression at the same time so once you've chosen your perfect set of In Ears, we can place the order as soon as you're ready.

Please allow1 to 2 hours for your demo session.


The Ultimate Band Demo

& impression Experience

The First of it's Kind, the comprehensive way for your band to explore In Ear Monitoring together.

We will come to a place of your choice, and bring everything required to give you the chance to experience using top-of-the-range IEMs with your own gear and find the most suitable way to integrate them into your everyday performances.


Get the chance to: 

  • Evaluate all our demo IEMs in your own rehearsal space. 

  • Compare wired against wireless systems.

  • Learn how your band can effectively build IEMs into your daily setup and gig routine, for any budget.

  • Learn how to build a mix for your role to help you get comfortable with IEMs quickly.

  • Get your 3D impressions taken.

Band Demo
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