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Why Did we Choose ACS?

Since 1994, ACS has developed and redefined

Custom In Ear products and is the leading manufacturer for Custom In Ear Monitors in the UK.


ACS is the perfect blend of Quality, Comfort and Safety as they are as passionate about protecting your hearing as they are delivering the highest quality sound possible!

As the first manufacturer to fully embrace digital production, ACS can achieve an accuracy that others cannot.

Each aspect of their IEMs is individually tuned to your ear, and their Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) and IRIS technologies ensure you get a perfectly balanced sound, accurate at all times.

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Classic Vs Ambient 

Which is best for you?

Classic Series

The classic series are great sounding IEMs and are packed with all of ACS' expertise to deliver a great sound. Classic series IEMs completely seal the ear canal and provide 26dB of isolation to let you focus on your performance.

Ambient Series

All the benefits of Classic plus the addition of a bespoke 17dB Filter with a tuned, flat frequency response. The filter designed by ACS for this series reduces the occlusion effect, maintains the bass response of your IEMs and lets you hear a little more on stage. This means you get great sound and still feel connected to everything around you. 

a Soft Shell that is hard to beat.

ACS is the world leader in soft silicone shelled In Ear Monitors. All ACS IEMs are built using 40 Shore medical Grade Soft silicone and finished with a hard-wearing flexible lacquer.

The benefit of soft shell IEMs is that they move as you move. Your ear canals naturally change shape slightly depending on the position of your jaw (for example when you sing).

With hard acryllic shells and improper impressions, you might lose the seal in your ears as a result, which would compromise your sound. 


Soft shell IEMs flexibility means you won't lose that seal in any situation. Having put them through their paces live,

we can happily say they feel and sound great!


Safe exposure time Calculator

How long can you stay in a loud environment

before you start damaging your hearing?

Check out our explainer video here

Did you know...

At 98dB, you can only listen for 30minues before you start damaging your hearing! 

Check out the ACS Safe Exposure calculator below to see how long you can cope with your average exposure before you risk hearing damage!

Our favourite ACS iems right now:

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