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Cutting Edge Technology Meets

Cutting Edge In Ear Monitors

Introducing the world's most advanced Custom In Ear Monitors, available exclusively in the UK here at DCA. FiR Audio is pushing the boundary of what is capable in Custom In Ear Monitors, making them a perfect fit for the world's most advanced Digital Impressions.

FiR Audio's Custom Shop has changed the game with incredible new technologies including Kinetic Bass, Open Acoustics, next-generation ATOM pressure relief systems and Rigid Technologies they have created the most immersive, powerful and durable IEMs in the world.  

With unlimited customisation included from the E10 to the Flagship Xenon6 - FiR Audio have changed the way we experience sound on stage, if you love IEMs, you have to experience these.

Radical, game-changing technology for musicians. 

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Kinetic Bass technology
features a 10mm dynamic driver that is open and ported in an optimized manner directly 
facing the outside of the IEM shell. This allows low frequency sound to be transmitted directly to the ear cartilage and surrounding area. These low frequencies are converted to kinetic energy and reach the inner ear via bone conduction. This results in a more immersive sound with a bass you can feel with increased dimension and an off-the-charts low frequency extension.

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Open Acoustics System

Using only open drivers with no sound tubes, the sound is allowed to radiate naturally to your ear as it would naturally. This results in a much larger sound stage and much wider stereo image than standard IEM designs. Built into this system is FiR Audio's Sound Reactor located by the open open high driver in the canal stem.

This is configured to that directs the high frequencies into your ear canal. The results are remark-
ably smooth and airy highs with great extension.

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ATOM X Venting

A pressure relief system that vents pressures that
build up in a sealed ear canal. 
With a traditional in-ear monitor, your ear canal is completely sealed and when the diaphragm of the miniature speakers (driver) is moving to create sound, it creates air pressure can't escape. This air pressure triggers your ear’s acoustic reflex which tightens the eardrum to protect the ear from loud sounds and causes listener fatigue. Triggering this emergency acoustic reflex can lead to hearing loss in the long term. With the ATOM venting system, your ear drums can stay in their natural relaxed position and you can listen to music longer and safer without your ears getting tired.

Rigid Technolgies

FIR has created the mosty rugged IEMs, with an industry leading 3-year warranty for their customs! Everything about them is built to last, from their RCX connector rated at 5000 connections, ear canal removable wax guard for ease of maintenance to their Rigid 3D Shells printed 20% thicker than the industry average shell thickness, they were created from the ground up with years of experience to be bombproof on the road. 


Our favourite FiR Audio iems right now:


The New Standard

With Unlimited Customisation

From Matt Shells, to custom artwork, premium wooden faceplates or embedded watch gears for that industrial look, a core ethos of FIR Audio is that whatever you choose, you should be able to express your style at no extra charge! 

At DCA we are here to help you find the right IEMs for you, so when it comes to design we can work with you to help you visualise your IEMs before you buy so you know exactly what they're going to look like. 

Like use here, FIR Audio are a company designed tp push the music industry foward and we are stoked to be their exclusive partners in the UK. For personal or industry demos, please feel free to drop us a message to experience this new way of working. 

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