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Image by Alex Larusso
DCA Hear Forever Project.png

Hear Forever. Leave a legacy.


Make an impression
that lasts a lifetime.

In-Ear Monitors are built to last.

Sturdy, Reliable, tough, but ultimately made of your own personal, single-use, non-recyclable plastic resin shell. For now, at least, that is the way they have to be to be safe for our ears.

At DCA, as well as launching a new platform for IEMs, it is our intention to use this business to help the environment and rewild the UK.

For every set of IEMs sold, a tree will be planted by us, for you to say thanks.

It is our hope to create a space that as our business grows, we can create wild spaces here in the UK for wildlife and people to enjoy, not only for the lengths of our musical careers but beyond that to the next generation.

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