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The tool you shouldn't

work without.

Here at DCA we take hearing really seriously and believe that these guys should be the first thing you put in your bag as you leave for a gig.

ACS Pro Series earplugs are the industry standard earplug for anyone in the events and entertainment industry and have earnt the right to hold that title.

Designed specifically to their own specification and built and tuned in-house by expert technicians from the same 40 Shore silicone as their custom IEMs, the Pro Series is a comfortable, discrete and powerful earplug that can be configured to whatever environment you work in. With a range of attenuations, you can protect your hearing for years to come.

Taken your IEMs out?

Put your ACS PLugs in!

So you're at a gig, and you've just played the encore to round off your set. You take out your in ears. What happens next?

Does the venue go silent and you pack down in peace?

No. The DJ starts, the house music blasts out, and you are still in a very loud environment which will seem even louder as you've protected your ears with your IEMs. At this point, if you put in your Ear Plugs and you can enjoy the atmosphere as much as you like, knowing you are safe.

We've all done it, saying 'It's only an hour then we'll be out'.

1hour of music at 95dB+ is enough to damage your hearing.

Do that 2 or 3 times a month. It all adds up.

Easiest way to avoid it, plug up!

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Finding the right Earplugs for you

Different levels of attenuation

ACS Pro Series plugs will reduce the ambient noise around you in 6 different levels ranging from -10dB for light attenuation, to -27dB for ultimate protection for long periods on loud environments.

You can configure them how you like, including separate colours on each side, adding a neck cord so you don't lose them if you take them out. Here at DCA we have used them for years and really believe they are an investment that is worth making.

All Pro Series are tuned to your ear and require our free 3D Ear Impressions. For advice on which plug may be best for you, please get in touch and we'll happily talk it through with you!

A closer look at ACS Pro Series ear PLugs 

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