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Introducing the Bellos Audio X2 - A 3D Printed, Upgradable (yes, actually), Modular, Fully Custom In Ear Monitor that is built in only 5 Days with In Air Canals! Welcome to. a new way of working!


DCA is stoked to unveil our new partnership with Bellos Audio and the X2, their first 2 driver custom in ear monitor offers a balanced and mid centric sound, that are perfect for Vocalists or anyone looking to cut above the mix on a busy stage! With built in pressure relief from the internal ATOM technology, this super comfy custom in ear monitor with 17dB of isolation is going to a great solution for alot of people, especially if you are one of those vocalists who 'just don't get on with In Ear Monitors'.


Part of new wave of unashamedly different and pioneering Custom In Ear Monitors. We can feel these are going to be an 'aha' moment for a lot of Musicians! 


The X2’s technical side is what makes it stand out at this price point, with an impressive level of separation and air through the mids and lower treble that allows every instrument to command its own space. Featuring the revolutionary In-Air Canal technology, these custom earphones feel so comfortable that you’ll forget you have them in - and thats not just marketing waffle by the way. We regularly get lost in Music wearing our X4s out and about and it's not like wearing traditional custom shells!


But what is genuienly so cool about these? They are Upgradable. So if the X2 is your first set of Custom in ear monitors and as your mix progresses you need a little more space and headroom, and maybe at the time, your budget would stretch to the X3s or X4s? No problem, keep the same shells and let's upgrade them for the difference!


You can upgrade your X2s to the X3 for £300 or the X4 for only £499! The modular shells and drivers mean that you can send your Customs back to Bellos and they'll be able to swap out the drivers and upgrade you and you won't be paying any extra than if you'd bought the higher model to start with. This is a game-changer. The same goes for the X3 as well. You're not buying new customs, just breathing a new lease of life into your old ones!


Like all X-Series, the X2 comes with a host of additional proprietary technologies such as ATOM Venting which greatly expands the soundstage, really smart and comfy 3D Printed Matte Shells, the ultra-durable RCX Cable Connector, Modular Drivers and Removable Faceplates for quicker service and repairs.


At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking this might appear like a Universal IEM with a custom body - but it's far from that, these are full custom shells going to the full depth but implemented in a new way!


The In-Air Canal technology enables the most comfortable CIEM listening experience, so comfortable it’s like having nothing in your ears! And we have to agree that is true. Coming from traditional custom in ear monitors, playing Live it adds an extra layer of transparency to your Customs!


Like all things we've come to love about the FiR Audio & Bellos Audio family, these custom in-ear monitors are incredibly well-engineered. The choice of 3 matte shell colours, coupled with the modular design means they are built and leaving the Bellos Lab in 5 days from receiving your 3D Impressions from us! Plus a 2-year warranty is great for peace of mind!


The whole X Series firstly, sound incredible and we do recommend demoing them.  They are perfect for someone who wants to get set up with Customs quickly, still wants to feel connected to their space, and wants the most physically immersive and unobtrusive experience! We don't usually make direct recommendations, but we think if you work with Choirs or large ensembles, or maybe you're in the worship sector working with musicians and congregations - the upgradable X Series has got to be in the mix for your In Ear Monitoring solution! 

Bellos Audio X2

    • 2 Balanced Armature drivers: (1 low/mid, 1 high)
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 18kHz
    • Impedance: 41Ω at 1kHz
    • Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW
    • Crossover: Integrated 2-Way Crossover
    • Isolation: -17dB (internal ATOM)
    • In-Air Canal Technology
    • 3D Printed Matte Finish Shell
    • ATOM Venting Technology
    • RCX Cable & Connector
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