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The Ultimate Tour Ready IEM Vac, the FIR Audio IEM Vac Pro & Peli Case is the perfect solution for maintaining your fleet of artist and crew In Ear Monitors and keeping them working flawlessly night after night.


With a more powerful pump and greater flow rate from its smaller counterpart, this is the perfect tool for the Touring monitor engineer or musician!


Wax or debris build-up in your IEMs can affect, tuning and sound delivery or your IEM and over time potentially damage the drivers inside. The FIR Audio IEM Vac Pro is intuitive and easy to use, and comes with all the accessories you need to remove any unwanted material that can build up or get caught in your IEM tubes and outlets and keep them sounding as good as the day you got them! 


The IEM Vac Pro is just as happy as a standalone unit as it is sitting powered and ready in a rack in Monitor World - featuring a large LED power button so you know when it's on in the noisiest environments, a stainless steel hose connector, spare syringe tips, and a removable hose for compact storage.


It is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal accessory for keeping In Ear Monitors sounding great all year round and this IEM Vac comes in a road-ready, hard Peli case for easy transport and keep everything together for when you need to grab it and go!


Box Contents Includes:

  • IEM Vac Peli Case
  • IEM Vac Pro
  • Detachable Air Hose
  • 12v Power Adaptor
  • Clear Tube with Accessories and Tips
  • 2 Replacement Filters
  • User Manual




FIR Audio IEM Vac Pro & Peli Case

    • Flow Rate: 18Lpm
    • Length: 110mm (4.35 in)
    • Width: 82mm (3.21 in)
    • Height: 44mm (1.57 in)