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'This IEM changed how I listen to music on stage. This truly is a game-changer, the way the sound is delivered gives a completely different feel, it's like I'm standing in front of a Sub, the detail and extension is surreal from a set of In Ears. I often hear people say they don't like IEMs as they feel a bit lifeless, well here's the answer. Kinetic Bass is no joke.' Miles - DCA Founder


Introducing the FiR Audio Kr5. The five-driver Frontier offering from FiR Audio's custom shop, delivering low-end punch, mid-range clarity and excellent high-frequency extension.


The frontier series change how In Ear Monitors feel and they are focussed on utilising new radical technology to deliver sound in a different kind of way. They are the first IEMs to use a completely tubeless design that combines air conduction and bone conduction to immerse you in sound. How does this work?


Firstly, welcome Kinetic Bass technology. This can be seen as an open driver built directly into the shell that sits on the inside of your IEMs, meaning so you don't just hear the lows but you feel them too. This is taking advantage of the physical sensations you feel when listening to music, harnessing all that energy you would get from standing at a show in front of a well-tuned PA. The Frontier series uses this to put you right in the middle of the music, whether you're monitoring on stage, playing in the studio, or just listening to music. 


Add to this, Open Acoustics. All drivers within your IEMs are fed into a tuned sound chamber, designed to let the sound develop naturally as if you weren't wearing IEMs at all. To increase efficiency and extend the highs, FiR developed their Sound Reflector, allowing the high-frequency information to be directed straight at your ear drum increasing the IEMs detail.  The result? A wide sound stage with all highs and all the vibe!


The Kr5 also features their internal ATOM venting as standard, helping relieve listener fatigue, perfect for those long live sessions either on stage or in the studio! We opted for the ATOMX on our Kr5s which allows us to change the isolation from -26dB to -10dB, depending on where we are playing.



The thing we love most about all FiR's Custom Shop products? With every IEM you get the same highly durable Scorpion cables, RCX connectors and Rigid Tech as you do with the flagship Xenon6 and an industry-leading 3-year warranty!


If you are looking to take your IEMs to new heights? The Frontier Series is the way to go. 


Main Features:

  • 5 driver IEM with Kinetic Bass Technology
  • Pressure relieved ATOM technology as standard
  • Super durable IEM with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.



  • All design options, yes all options are included in the price of the IEMs! 
  • This includes custom artwork, wooden faceplates, cable length and 3 types of case at no extra charge for a truly custom experience!
  • For additional flexibility with your sound, you can upgrade to ATOMX to change the level of attenuation and Bass Response in your IEMs. ATOMX comes with 4 different modules ranging from -10dB to -17dB of ambient noise reduction. 
  • Any premium options will be reflected in the price, and 3D impressions are included for Free.
  • We'll speak to you about which options you'd like before we place your order with FiR Audio to make sure it's perfect!



  • FiR Audio Personalized Protective Case
  • Dehumidifier
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Shirt Clip
  • 48" or 64" Detachable Professional Cable (configurable)
  • FiR Audio Sticker
  • Product Manual

FiR Audio Krypton5


    • Transducer Type: Hybrid Dynamic & Balanced Armature
    • Transducer Configuration: 1 DD low, 2 BA mid, 1 BA high, 1 BA Ultra high
    • Bore Configuration: Single
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
    • Impedance: 16Ω @ 1kHz
    • Isolation: -17dB w/ internal ATOM module, -10dB to -17dB w/ ATOMX options.
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