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Educating & Protecting the next Generation

of Music Professionals.

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Hearing Health

Education Scheme

Building accessible Hearing Health & Protection into Education, and providing exclusive Institution discounts to help students start their career right!


Education Scheme Aims:

  • Our primary aim is the dissemination of current, accessible, public health information relevant to Musicians regarding hearing health and protection and offer independent, impartial advice on Hearing Protection and best working practices based on relevant, recent industry experience.

  • Work with institutions to deliver a programme of dynamic, differentiated sessions relevant for FE & HE Environments.

  • To introduce the idea of Musician's Hearing Protection & In Ear Monitoring to the next generation of Music professionals and give them an opportunity to experience what this kind of monitoring feels like through interactive Workshops, Lectures, and Roadshows.

  • Make In Ear Monitoring and Hearing Protection accessible financially through industry-first education discounts for students and institutions on Custom In Ear Monitors, In Ear Monitoring Systems and Custom Hearing Protection.

What does our scheme offer:


In Ear Monitoring Workshops & Lectures

Ranging from a fun, interactive1-hour Hearing Protection & Health talk to a longer lecture series looking at the history and theory behind In Ear Monitors, the anatomy of the ear and how hearing damage may occur, and examining In Ear Monitoring's place in the ever-changing Music Industry and how it affects working musicians in the UK today.


Our Lecture Series and Workshop sessions offer a more in depth look into the theoretical elements of In Ear Monitors, the anatomy of the ear and a look at the music industry as new UK musician.

Our Workshops then give a smaller group of students a chance to get hands-on with our IEMs, using wireless IEM receivers and ACS demonstration units to get a feel for what professional mixes look like, the expectation as a working performer in a variety of environments and how to achieve it, alongside tips and tricks for the musician starting out in the industry.

Silent Stage In Ear Monitoring Roadshows


Our mobile roadshows are fun, interactive, performance based sessions based on giving an insight into how a professional stage sounds using a silent stage over 30 – 45 minutes.


This includes the use of a live band (either our own or a ideally a student band) with an audience using headphones or In Ear Monitor’s and wireless packs to experience different perspectives on stage.

These showcases are perfect for open days and events where multiple shorter performances can be done throughout the day.


Our Roadshows give a great opportunity for students and institutions to demonstrate their commitment to hearing protection and the longevity of their students career as a music industry professionals.


Exclusive Education Discounts

and Packages for students and institutions

One of DCA’s founding principles is to make In Ear Monitors accessible to as many people as possible. We want to help the next generation experience the performance, production and protection benefits that comes with IEMs and remove as many barriers to this way of working as possible.

This is why DCA is proud to be able to offer exclusive packages to students and institutions in an industry – first education scheme. These can be configured to suit each individual establishment on for In Ear Monitors and wireless systems for education.

For every set of IEMs purchased through the education scheme a tree is planted in your students name through our Hear Forever Project.

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Get in Touch

Name: Miles Dakin



Phone: 07454 822 631


Instagram: @DCAuk

Facebook: @DakinCustomAudio

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