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3D Ear Impression Booking Request

Ditch the goop with our quicker, safer and less invasive 3D Ear Impressions

  • 30 min
  • Variable - POA

Service Description

Reserve your preferred time to have your own cutting edge 3D impressions taken by DCA for your new Custom In Ear Monitors - exclusively for the UK Pro Audio industry. Whether you've purchased a custom product from us, have sign-posted here by our partners, or just need a set of digital Impressions taking for your new Customs this is the place to drop in your request for your 3D impressions! Please get in touch to book your slot here as pricing does vary on use case. Why? Every set of IEMs at DCA gets a free set of Impressions, however if you're an Artist for one of our partners, or just prefer the thought of our digital ear impressions over traditional we can provide you accurate pricing information over the phone when we get your request! Once you have submitted your request, we will send through our Pre-Impression Guide so that you are fully prepared for your impressions by the time we get to you! A few things we need to consider: If you're not based close to our Birmingham HQ, we happily travel to you to take your impression at your convenience or can book you in for . The time requested is provisional when submitted as sometimes, depending where we are already booked that day, we may need to agree on a slightly different time or location to be able to get to you, but we'll always work around what is convenient for you. Where possible, we try and provide our mobile service for free, but if the travel is quite a distance from our Birmingham HQ and we're not in the area at your preferred time, we may discuss some help with travel expenses in order to make things most convenient for you.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to re-arrange your appointment with us, please send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Details


Euston, Euston Road, London, UK

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