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Fourté is flagship universal IEM from 64Audio and is the pinnacle of their in-ear monitor technology. With its entire design being packed with experience enhancing technologies and made up of industry firsts, Fourté isn’t just a four driver hybrid UIEM.


The level of precision and build quality, hand in hand with innovations of acoustically shaping micro-chambers, direct radiating drivers, and the single sound bore come together in our patented tia technology creates a truly groundbreaking In Ear Monitor. Fourté is the first IEM to feature internally integrated patented apex technology whichalong with its ergonomic shell, machined out of solid aluminum, have dictated the entire UIEM design language for 64Audio since its development in 2016.


The shell is an elegant black anodized aluminum shell  topped off with a copper color anodized aluminum faceplate and a beautifully aged copper faceplate chip; each one developing a truly unique patina pattern making sure that no two Fourté are alike.


Fourté’s unique drivers, acoustic chambers, integrated apex technology and passive radiator all unite delivering an incredible sonic experience. The level of detail retrieval coupled with its “out-of-head” sound-stage and deep reaching bass reanimate well-recorded music; putting its resolving capabilities at the level of some of the worlds greatest audiophile systems.


Fourté is available to Demo here at DCA - so get in touch to see find out how they sound for yourself!


Main Features:

  • 64Audio's flagship tubeless in ear monitor.
  • Featuring Air Pressure Exchange (Apex) the patented vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal; enabling music enthusiasts to listen more comfortably for longer alleviating listener fatigue and allows for a much more realistic soundstage.
  • Apex is integrated in Fourté all the way down to the way the shell is milled, offering similar pressure release and isolation to our m20 module.
  • Fully integrated with 64Audio's Tubeless In-Ear Audio (tia) design methodology, reducing unwanted resonance and distortion for a transparent and lifelike sound signature.
  • Fourté utilizes the complete Tia system; its four drivers radiate freely with no obstructions for a truly uncompromised experience!




  • 64 Audio Premium Leather Case
  • TrueFidelity Foam Ear Tips (S,M,L)
  • SpinFit Silicone Ear Tips (S,M,L)
  • Silicone Ear Tips (S,M,L)
  • 3.5mm Black Premium Cable
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Cable Clip
  • Round Sticker

64 Audio Fourté

    • Transducer Type: 4 precision Balanced Armature drivers
    • Transducer Configuration: 1 dynamic Low, 1 TIA mids, 1  high-mid, 1 TIA high
    • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 22kHz
    • Sensitivity: 114dB/mW @ 1kHz @ 1mW (84mV)
    • Impedance: 10 Ω Nominal
    • Crossover: Integrated 4-way passive crossover
    • Isolation: 20dB internal APEX technology
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