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The UK's new home of
in-ear monitoring & 3d Ear Scanning

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The first and only UK

provider of 3D ear impressions.

- Safer -

Less invasive than foam impressions.

- Quicker -

80% faster than traditional impressions.

- Simpler -

Fewer steps, fewer errors, better IEMs.  


Book in for your impressions today. 

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We take a 3D impression of your ear captured instantly using

cutting edge technology.

No traditional impressions necessary.

Quicker. Safe. Simpler.

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Our TrueFormTechnology is a bespoke non-destructive 8-stage digital modelling process designed to digitally cast your impression to preserve every detail of your ear for the perfect fit. Every time.

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All DCA shells are 3D printed in our state-of-the-art printer before being then hand-finished with your bespoke faceplate for a personalised, high quality finish.


The first all digital build process

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Custom In Ear Monitors
designed and built
in Birmingham, UK

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