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DCA has partnered with some of the worlds leading manufacturers to provide 3D Ear Impressions and push this industry forward and make In Ear Monitors accessible for all.

We only sell products we have used, evaluated, and performed with ourselves to make sure that they are able to deliver what Musicians in the UK need in our ever-changing industry.

Whatever your style, let us help find the

right In Ear Monitors for you!




The first US manufacturer to partner with DCA and

fully embrace 3D ear impressions in the UK.


Forward-thinking, filled with groundbreaking technology, there is a pair of 64's for any stage.

64 Audio are trusted by some of the greatest artists and session musicians from all over the world.


With        and           technologies now available in its most accessible In Ears, for a truly customisable experience they are hard to beat.




This pioneering British manufacturer has been pushing boundaries and setting the standard since 1994. The list of artists who use and swear by their products is extensive and it's a reputation they fully deserve. 


The world leader in soft silicone shells, ACS is a household name amongst musicians and they are as passionate about protecting your hearing to keep you rocking for longer as they are delivering the highest quality sound possible!

Individually tuned, featuring IRIS technologies and game-changing ambient options, ACS must be a consideration, whatever you play.

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Our favourite iems right now: